How Laser Cutting Works

Laser cutter machine serves to cut (2 dimensional) materials that will you use in assembling or assembling a work/product. In the context of making a workshop, cutting is a very crucial activity because you need parts of your design to be cut in the way you want and need with high accuracy. If you need information about laser cutting, you can visit laguna laser review.

1. Preparing the File
Laser cutter machine is a digital machine, for that you need to create a file if you want to use/command this machine to cut. Like print tools (ink printers) in general, you have any posts or drawings you want to print, do not you?

2. Export the file
In order to be read and commands can be done by pre-cut laser software, you need to export your files from the software you use.

3. Pre-cutting preparation process (software)

4. Pre-cutting preparation process (hardware & material).

5. Laser head calibration of the Material
After the laser head is positioned, place the focus calibrator between the laser head and the material, then loosen the 2 screws that hold the laser head down to the focus calibrator. After that tighten again.

6. Start cutting!