When your iPhone gets stuck in the iTunes logo

iPhone is one of the sophisticated mobile phone that is currently busy used. However, behind the sophistication, the iPhone has problems that are often perceived iPhone users. One of the most common problems experienced is the iPhone stuck logo apple. You do not have to worry because we will review how to fix iPhone stuck in the itunes logo quickly. In the meantime, perhaps you need to check out the iphone repair for the finest quality if iPhone repair service.

This problem can occur because there is a problem with the iPhone software itself. This time we will discuss the right way to fix your iPhone when stuck in the itunes logo only. Check out more information below:

Use the Reiboot app

Although the iPhone is a premium-class phone, it does not mean free iPhone error. The most common errors are iPhone apple-shelled apple or just stuck the Itunes logo only. The Itunes logo is a recovery mode and can be resolved by using the Reiboot app. Reiboot is a way to fix the iPhone stuck in the first Itunes logo you can do. How to use? You just need to follow the steps below:

First you must have Reiboot application first.

Connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop using USB and then run the Reiboot app.

Then if it is, the Reiboot application will automatically bring up the Exit Recovery Mode option. Select the option to exit recovery mode.

You must wait until the process is complete.

If you succeed, Reiboot will give you a message that your recovery mode is working.