Dunk With Shock

Vert shock review will boost your vertical jump ability to the maximum level. Vert shock will increase your vertical jump up to 15 inches and it is only in two months. Vert shock used a different approach to improve your jump skill than other jump improvement program. It is used a scientific approach which results in an effective, safe and fast way to maximize your jump skills. Unlike other jumping program that used various exercise using various sports equipment in a long period training time which has a high risk of injury, vert shock does not need much sports equipment and only acquire a short time training period. Short training period without many sports equipment but will get the jump up to 15 inches as the result? Sounds too good to be true? It is true.

The reason is that the program focuses to train your nervous system. As we said the program uses a scientific approach and through various research, the vert shock founder – Adam Folker and Justin “Jusfly” Darlington – notices that jumping ability had a connection with twitch muscle especially between type II B fibers. Research result said that Type II B fibers can contract fast which result in explosive jump or movement. This result becomes base of all exercise offers by vert shock program. Vert Shock program consists of three phase and it can be completed in eight weeks or two months. First is a pre-shock phase, it is required a week training period with six days workout. In this phase, you will prepare your body for the main phase of the program. Second and the main phase is shock phase which required six weeks training period with 4 to 6 days workout each week. In this phase, your jumping ability will improve. This phase also required more intensity compared to the first phase. The last is a post-shock phase. In this phase, you will cement all the training that been learned to the muscle memory. These phases require a week training period with 6 days workout. Each phase has their focus which makes the program efficient and resulting in a high jumping ability rate. So, dreaming to dunk once in your life? Now it is the time with the help of vert shock dunk will not only become your dream. Why dunk once if you can always do it?