Mistakes That Can Lead to Damage Your Android Phone

Many people search for the cheapest place to buy phone. In today’s market, you can find bulk types of phones with the different price range. However, it doesn’t mean you will buy it more and more due to the mistakes you often do when using especially the smartphone, right? It is well known that the Android System has become a giant operating system within 8 years. Not only that Android also has a price that matches, ranging from cheapest to most expensive. However, as cheap or as expensive as any Android phone you have if its use is done arbitrarily then it will likely be damaged or not durable. For that, we will review some errors That Can Ruin Your Android Hp chances are you are not aware.

Using hp when charging

It must be a very annoying thing when you’re cool to play games or chat with someone but your android battery runs out. Because you feel the responsibility you eventually charge the battery while playing the phone, but you need to know to charge the battery while playing your smartphone it was very dangerous. Why dangerous? as it will reduce battery life and reduce the quality of your Android smartphone battery.

Install application carelessly

this became one of the reasons why many people choose Hp Android, because it can install pirated applications easily, and can install paid applications for free. But be aware of this dangerous action because the application of pirated applications and install paid applications using additional applications to be free is also a very dangerous possibility of being infiltrated by malware.

Lazy update of apps and OS

Because of too many installed applications, often users are lazy to update applications or OS not rarely ignore it, one reason is waste of quotas. Though an application or OS update is important to patch the bug loopholes, so safe from hackers or malware.

Using Adblocker

Using AdBlocker does make your Android phone free of advertising especially if you’re browsing, but reportedly this AdBlokir provider will sell your data to advertisers

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